Sunday, October 8, 2017

Oct 8,2017

So i would just like to start out and say I'm so sorry that i couldn't write everyone back this week. we have very spotty internet. so  I hope this  will do for this week. we are white washing the area. have been eating at the Bishops house a lot and working really hard.  so exciting news -  in Lara the couple i was working with that needed to get married in order to get Baptized. Well it is happening this weekend! Im super excited for them. Also we were out talking to people and this guy came up to us and gave us money. Thanked us for working so hard.  what a blessing that was so we were able to get a few extra things and able to go out today for lunch. we are going to go to china star.  So that is my week. plus I'm praying that this email makes it  to my mom - fingers crossed! thank you all for the love and support. until next week

sister Greenburg

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oct 1,2017

So i have returned to DELAP!!!!! and i am staying with sister koatirake which is great and we live in a great house its huge its a two story house and we live with 2 other sisters that work in the next area over its been great but im white washing agian and picking up after elders which is always fun to do cause this is now like my 3 or 4 time doing it so yay me! but yeah this week was good we just had zone conference looked super good just btw and then we went home and packed then we moved on thursday friday we tried to work but it was a holiday so not much success and then saturday we spent like the whole day in arrak showing the boys are old investigators which was fun but i still have no investigators in this area so we will see how this week goes we have already gotten some refferals so hopefully those are good other than that its been a good week crazy but really good it feels so good to be back in town and surronded by things like shops and people but i do miss laura cause i had great members that know me and my investigators are amazing but im happy that i can help the people and the members of delap its great making lots of new memories and just loving every second of this transfer so far. plus i have the same companion. 

so until next week love you all hoping ill be able to send pictures soon.  

Sister Greenburg

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sept 25,2017

Hello everyone sorry about last week it was a crazy week. I got sick all week. But the good news is I'm feeling better. thank you for all the prayers.  So i bet many of you are wondering if the Baptisms happened? well they did! it was a good week. I have been working with this sweet adorable girl for three months now and she ready. so this Saturday i was so excited for her! the rest of my investigators are good. I love them all and they are all progressing nicely. But i do have news I got TRANSFERRED. not sure any details yet but that will happen when the new intake comes in on Wed. so stay tuned to hear where but I'm praying for not a bike area. but, you know me I'm going to work hard and love the area.  On the other hand I'm sure going to miss this area and i love the families that i have worked with they are  for ever friends.  So I'm hoping that who ever is in this area will pick up where we left off and run with it.  So guess what i was feed this week TURTLE! thats right turtle. crazy huh. I was nervous to try it. But, it taste like chicken and was really delicious . then after that we went to an acuity. and i say we were. but, turns out it was a rock concert.  so we were like ok lets  check it out and see if anyone else is here and make sure we had the right place. made some great contacts and it was a lot of fun. We were also able to give service this week. so short story. we were on our way to see the Bishop ad we stopped at kirabaiti house and they asked if we wanted to do some service and help them fish. I was like ok but we will have to ask permission to go out on the boats. they said oh no you are good we do it from the shore. I was like ok i like to fish this will be easy.  Well needless to say they fish a little different here then we do in the states.  for one its in the ocean. lol two you use a bottle and a string.  NOT A FISHING POLE. so that was really different and fun. needless to say i didn't catch anything. but, it was sure fun. but , i think ill stick to a fishing pole. Plus i looked like a pro. hahaha

other than is has been a pretty slow week.  So stay tuned until next week to see where ill be. love you all and enjoy the week thank you for the prayers and support. i love snail mail and emails they really do help when I'm having an off week. love you all so much until next Sunday

Sister Greenburg

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sept. 10,2017

Hello all this week was a good week. we worked so hard this week i don't think i have ever been so tired,. we biked our area everyday but our work is paying off. we had a baptism this weskit was awesome. so short story we found this kid when we first got to Arrak.  almost three moths ago. like he never had a desire to study so we gave him a break for a few weeks. then we Baptized his best friend and he started getting intrested again. so we started working with him again. AND HE WAS BAPTIZED! super excited for him. and my other.

until next week
sister Greenburg

investigator Kina I'm hoping she will be baptized this week. but she hasn't been around to have the interview. so we will see how things go.  all we can do know is pray.
Also this week i got a cute shirt made that says MADDIE on it from the other island Kiribati I'm freaking loving it. me and my Comp got the same shirts. so we can be twins. so fun! we will be wearing them to an upcoming zone conference.  I also had 7 investigators at church this week. I was feeling really good about things so please pray they continue.  we have been working so hard we have had no time for fun Haha. the work is the fun part.  we feel like we are always playing. Plus i get to go on splits thigh Sister Nilsson. she goes home in 16 days and also sister Fisk. we are going to miss these great sisters. they sure have touched my life. Transfers are in like 16 days so we will see what happens.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

sept 3,17

 So this week was a great week. we buli jerable (work hard) we found people to teach. Because of my wonderful Companion Sister Koatirake . so we found whole bunch of Kiribati people in our area. its so fun. I have no idea what they are saying. all i can do is smile and nod lol. But you can feel the spirit. so we are busy working with them. the love and joy that they are feeling is amazing.  But while she can talk to the people in her native language. i feel like I'm starting my mission all over again. I'm teaching her Marshallese and English. But she is making such great progress and loves working hard.  So we do have some hard times. But we try not to let it bother us.  for example we were walking down the street and two older ladies were walking past us we said hello and how are you today. they said terrible because we meet you.  how hurtful. but they just didn't understand the love we have for others and they are the ones missing out of the joys of life.  one cool thing is i bought a shirt with my name on it. so I'm super excited. nothing exciting or new in the food area just chicken, rice and fish.  Know  i love fish. (didn't expect me to say that mom did you ) hahaha.  well we are suppose to have 2 baptisms this week. Kina and Nicko. they are two amazing kids. But i hit my official year mark that i have been out crazy. but i would not have changed anything in my life i LOVE serving the lord and have a greater testimony and love for others. I'm so blessed to have the support and love that i have. thank you for the prayers.

Sister Greenburg

If you would like to do a sub for santa please let my mom know we have missionaries that this will be there first christmas getting something.  If you could!thank you so much

Monday, August 28, 2017

Aug 27,2017

So this week was a lot of fun it was a slow week for lessons cause school started this week and everyone was wanting to get back into school and then study so hopefully this week is a lot better for lessons since they have been in school for a while now.
other than that good week i ate shark again it was so good it was a tiger shark this time sooooo good i freaking love it. also i learned how to make breadfruit with coconut cream it was a lot of fun. and i learned how to cook fish on an open fire it was fun.
so this week we had a lot of changes in the mission happen cause our mission president decided to open up an outer island so we had a transfer in a transfer so two elders went out to an island called alingalaplap and then two other elders came in from the island of kirabati it was so fun to see these elder come in from kirabati except they forgot all there marshallese haha it was really funny
also we had a transfer with the sisters and my cute companion sister kamarie got transfered to long island working with sister paku and i am now working with another kirabati sister her name is sister kaotirake she is so cute i have enjoyed working with her so far. 
we also had a reilef socity music devotional that was a lot of fun very uplifting and just surrounded by love you could really feel the spirit though the people who were singing it was very nice. 
also we went to a first birthday party on saturday at our bishops house that was fun we got fed very well there we had chicken rice pork fish potato salad and breadfruit so good we got fed like kings!!!
i should also have a baptism this week this girl is my golden investigator she is absolutly amazing she is here from an outer island and she is just amazing she has so many questions and just wants to be invovled in the church she is basically an active member she just needs to be baptized 
this week was so good i love my area and my new comp cant wait to work hard with her and have some fun love you hope you all had a great week!!!!  not sure if the letter make sense because all i think about now is Marshallese. lol but i will get my English back I'm sure once i gets home.  Thanks Mom for the hats  the ones you sent me in the beginning are gone and i love baseball caps. 

Sister Greenburg