Monday, November 20, 2017

Nov. 19th 2017

what an amazing week. this week flew by. on Wednesday we went out and did a couple of lessons. Plus I learned how to make  amnion from 3 of our new investigators that was a lot of fun. Friday and Saturday were normal working days and then on Sunday - we were truly blessed i was given a new handbag from a member. Which was really nice of her. Plus we had about 8 of our investigators at church. which was amazing! working in Delap is really picking up and I'm loving the people more and more. we should have a Baptism this week.

Sorry i can't talk long we have a fun filled day planned. should have my return date soon.  love you all.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

November 10,2017

Im doing great. working really hard and loving the work. Looks like they are going to MAKE me come home in March so I'm hoping that my homecoming will be March 18th. so stay tuned or ask my mom. Or just listen I'm sure she will be screaming it from the roof tops. lol so here are some photos and i will send more and update you all soon. yea i love eating turtle. I taste like chicken and shark is good also. love the fish and rice that they have here. I feel so blessed to get to see in such a wonderful area and love people for whether are. we are so lucky. Thank you all for your prayers and love that you have given me.
Sister Greenburg