Monday, January 22, 2018

Jan 21,2018

so big update im on my last 6 weeks of my mission its the final countdown how crazy is that!!!!!! but anyway my update this week has been amazing another really quick week. the past like 3 weeks have just flown by me and my companion sister jeremia have been working so hard it has been great trying to bring less actives back to church and then workign with our investigators hopefully they will get baptized this upcoming week we love them they are great kids. the thing with jenrok is that is a lot of less active work which is great the less actives we work with usually lead to refferals so we love love love it. we also started working with the ysa this week that has been a lot of fun for us they have been a great help with finding and teaching the people. so yeah we are working hard i got really sunburnt this week so much fun my comp called me a strawberry this whole week but other news my tan lines are freaking awesome especially my shoe tan line i look cool. the rest of the week it was so bi polar the weather this week it was raining one minute sunny the next it made working this week kind of hard but it was a lot of fun we played in the rain and just had a lot of fun we tried this werid food this week it was like this coconut flour thing cooked it was cool but it was funny tasting. i also saw a little boy from laura this week he like let go of his moms hand and he ran towards me and gave me a big hug it was so cute i loved it so awesome to see that family. i also had families come up to me and ask me when i was leaving and i told themand they said they wanted to have a dinner with me before i leave so im super excited but sad to do that cause it just makes leaving more hard and i dont really want to leave but i am so excited for what lies ahead im looking forward to seeing everyone love you all see you in 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sister Greenburg

If you are going to send anything you have one week to get it in the mail.

Sister Madisen Greenburg
P.o. Box 1107
MH 96960
Marshall Islands

Thank you for the many many prayers so far. please see the prayers coming they really help. 

Also my Homecoming is March 18th if you would like more information please contact my mom. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jan. 14th2018

Had an amazing week. we worked so hard at finding people that we had to walk was back to our area and climb 3 flights of stirs and we fell into bed.  I'm having so much fun with my new Comp. she is amazing we laugh so hard. we are alike and i love it. i just wish she could finish out her mission here. lol. so this area is a poor area and i love the families in it.  so the Naryan family is wonderful and also the Bishop 's family they make sure we are feed and taken care of.  So i have started to think about coming home (which i don't want to do) but i miss you guys and i bought a dress that is going to look amazing and I'm having someone put Greenburg on the front of it.  so today it is raining and we are going to go food shopping because we have no food in the house. lol (that doesn't mean to send food mom) then head over to the office and meet up with others and go play games on the beach. i'm still trying to learn to cook a few things so we will see how i do. no one cooks the same and everything is cooked outside or bought.  so transfers are coming up and this should be my last transfer. I'm kind of sad about it. i love the people so much and i have grown so much with love for them.  serving is the best thing in the world. i'm going to finish strong. Oh before i forget. everyone has only a short time to send letters or packages because they take about 12-16 days to ensure that i get them. lol but would love to hear from you.

looking ahead my homecoming will be March 18th at 10am at the Germania ward.  My mom will send a Facebook invite out soon. I think

please keep praying for all of us and know that the Church is true. Love you all and if you want to know how many days i have left please ask my Mom. i'm sure she has it down to also hours now. lol

Sister Greenburg

Monday, January 8, 2018

Jan. 7th 2018

Hello all,

so as you can see i'm having a great new year.  Had a crazy week last week and trying to catch up.  It was so good to hear from so many people last week through email. thank you i needed it! so the Steven's girls came to surprise me from Ebeye. which i loved to see them so much. we were able to see all the missionaries that they served with and go to dinner with them so fun. then we had interviews with the mission president.  well looks like changes needed to be made because we had a visa waiter. and I'm lucky enough to get to be with her. i'm in a small area in the mission its called jenork. my mom asked where it is and its on the top part of the island.  i can't tell you more than that because there is only one road on the island. good thing because then i never get lost. it is a walking area. Love  sister Jeremia.  I was so excited i found a pear on the island. So i bought it. i was so good. I haven't had pear in 18 months. So I'm looking forward to coming home and having a ton. haha
I will have more to report next week. also if you are sending me anything please make sure its before February 10th so that i can get it.  Im so sad that i have such a short time left. but I'm going to finish strong. the people i have meet here are wonderful and have touched my life. oh and i almost forgot. I had to say goodbye to some Elders because they were going to outer islands and it hit me that i might not see them again. these Elders have helped me so much.  How blessed am I to have such love and support on my side.

love sister Greenburg

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dec. 25th,2017

Hello All,
as you can see i had a wonderful Christmas . i was able to be in the beat. Which is a big dance. i loved it!  got to talk to the family and that was priceless. so many things going on and getting excited about this week. it will be slow because people go and visit family and won't be back until the new year.  But we can do service and have fun with that. A sweet sister in Laura passed away on christmas . she was so sweet i loved her sweet smile and helping her.  she will be a blessing in Heaven. so many people and lives i have gotten to touch and I'm so grateful for the love and support by family and friends. thank you for the letters and the packages they really do help when you are missing home.  My mom told me there are only about 75 days left on my mission and I'm not ready to leave just yet. i think they will have to carry me on the plane.

until next week love you all and have a great day love Maddie

Hello all.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Dec 1, 2017

Hello everyone , this week was a great week we had another BAPTISM! which was really really good. she had that burning desire to get baptized which was absolutely  amazing and  then we had service with the ward which was fun. we cleaned up the trash on the streets it was a lot of fun and then picnic at the Bishops home. It was a lot of fun then we went home and rested because we have been sick/ But I'm feeling much better. so as you can tell tis week was amazing. we had lots of lessons and getting to know members this week people are opening up to us more since its christmas. We have been practicing for beat which has been a lot of fume and my comp. will be leading Delap beat so that will be fun. Other than that we will be playing catch up this week cause my brain forgot to do some stuff last week so i guess we will need to get it done. then we will be doing stuff with the ward. they are doing christmas caroling thing for the missionaries so that should be fun. I got to speak on Sunday. I still get scared to death but i think i did a good job. After a sister gave me a bracelet. thank you for the prayers and love this Holiday Season. I'm so blessed to have a great support and love of friends and family. 
not sure if my mom will post but i get to talk to them - I'M SUPER EXCITED. plus i get to see my new puppy. But my homecoming will be March 18th. 

Sister Greenburg

Merry Christmas!