Friday, September 30, 2016

Sept 30,2016

This week in the MTC has been very eventful. I have been made a sister zone leader. which means i'm in charge of the sisters.  I conduct RS and take care of all the sisters in my zone. I love to get to know them. they are great examples of strength to me. Plus added bonus is the sleepovers we have. let me explain one of the sisters thought they say a spirt and they got scared. so they all moved into my room we had people everywhere. tons of fun. Can I tell you i love the work.  we are getting 23 new sisters this coming week. we have 16 which is a lot of our zone.  Which mans I'm going to be super busy. plus in two weeks i get to welcome new sisters into the MTC. super excited about that.  So I have to tell everyone again I'm loving my mission.  Again if you are thinking of serving do it. you will not forget it.  Even if it hard at first. have i told you how much i love my mission.  Thank you for the prayers and the letters they really make my week But thank you for the sweet packages. they help make my day brighter. plus i share with the others that don't get packages. Love you all talk to you next week.
Sister Greenburg