Sunday, October 30, 2016

i found internet

hey so this week was pretty slow my companion wasnt feeling so great so we stayed inside a lot so she could feel better but once we were out we did a lot we checked up on all of our investigators which was fun they are trying to help me learn the language but they talk super fast its kind of hard to understand when they are trying to help. After a day of checking up on our investigators the next day we went out finding and we started talking to 2 boys one is 15 the other is 17 and we made an appt. to go and teach them that should be a lot of fun im excited  cause a lot of our investigators my comp. has been working with for a while so having these two new ones should be a nice change we also did service this week it was fun yet hard we weeded this members lawn and it took 3 hrs it was a big task but it was fun we decided to take a break and one of the elders climbed a coconut tree and i drank straight out of a coconut for the first time ever yeah im pretty cool hahaha anyway I also got to use a machete which was so cool. they are super cheep here. not sure i could get one home but they are fun.   Also it was Elder Hartvigsens Birthday this week so we threw him a birthday party that was soooo much fun everyone from the zone was there and we had cake and ice cream just heaps of fun.then last night we went over to the Ackleys they are a family in Jenrick and all the missionaries are invited over to there house on sundays to eat and hang out they are such a sweet family  but while we were there one of there neighbors came over and brought there dog cutest dog ever i seriously wanted to take it home with me adorable but my comp said i couldnt take it with us darn it oh well. but this week was good hope you have an amazing week love you ( so mom if you get a package with holes in it and it barks then you know i sent it home. also the dogs are wild here.  most are old and i pick up rocks and they run and one even came at me. i used my umbrella to stop it and when member give us rides and they com running to bit us we use the car doors for protection.   but loving it. Kennedy will love this part i'm the only white girl on my area everyone else is dark skinned so i have to embrace my white.  going shopping today to look for a dress they are surer cute in this area so I'm going to get one also taxi's are only .75 cents and the Bishops wife is so wonderful she feeds us and takes great care of us when we see her. also we have an Elder that gives a rides overtime he see's us. which is super nice. i get to put my feet in the ocean almost every other day and I'm told . that we can walk to other islands but end up swing half of the way there in our clothes. so excited to try that. but hasn't been low enough for us to try it.  loving my mission. still trying to get the Language down . it is hard because they talk so fast but everyone is so helpful and wonderful.  well until next week. that is if i can find internet.  love you all.
Not like the ones at home. much better

you can eat them in two bites

long lost friend

birthday party

so cute

so you think i should send him home. 

this one is for Kennedy

Sis. Greenburg

Oct 30th 2016

Just received word that they are redoing the internet cable on the Marshall Islands and other islands. So looks like no emails for a few weeks. (I hope i last that long. I do know Maddie is being well loved and really enjoying her mission). thank you all for the love and support. she will get to everyones email as soon as she can she lives for emails and packages.  also a package takes about 12 day to get to her and a letter 6 weeks. you can send it reg. mail

Also if you would like to mail Maddie something for Christmas. It need to be sent this week or no later than Monday next week due to transfers and Christmas. Please see other post for her address and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me Susan Greenburg

Sunday, October 23, 2016

1 email Oct 23,2016

Iakwe from the Marshall islands this week has been seriously crazy getting here was exhausting i didnt really do anything the first day just unpack and meet my companion and sleep litereally i fell asleep at 8 oclock and didnt wake up till 6 the next morning so i got some really well needed sleep hahaha. But the second day my companion btw her name is sister Mati she is way cool and is super nice she had some appt. lined up for the day so we went to those it was hard to walk so much do to the heat and the humidity. but after are last appt. for the morning we were walking back to our house to get food and we stopped because Mati saw someone she knows so we stopped and talked to them and they were getting ready for a keme which is a first birthday party those are huge here btw. but we stayed and helped them get ready i husked cocount meat out of the cocount shells it was really cool and a lot of hard work but we got invited to the keme and they gave us heaps of food to eat there and to take home with us. but the food here isnt that bad i like most of it. So the next day we went to lessons and there was this one family and they had a lot of little kids so i held the baby during the lesson and he just started balling his eyes out and the mom made a joke that it was because i am so white (ripalle) hahaha oh well i have to embrace my whiteness. Oh also on Saturday the Elders had a baptism and it was good its really different from utah its not a big thing here they are really small but it was a really good experiance. Church here is good heaps of members in my area so thats good. other than that it is super hot and humid and dirty here and so far ive seen a lot of people live in homes the size of one room in a house it has defenatly been a culture shock but i love it here. everyone is super friedlly and willing to help out in any way and all the missionaries are wonderful there was this one companion ship that thinks my name is greenbird not burg ugh just my luck its and apparently people cant say the burg so they call me sister green its what ever though i guess i have to get used to it . all the pictures for this week are on my blog go look at them some of the pictures are really pretty love you have a great week 

FYI i have no internet at my apartment so i have to go to the collage here and buy internet time.  I get very little to live on and this area the members don't usually feed us so we make a lot of meals. loving my mission and you can't beat the view. if it is low tied we are going to walk to another island. so we will see if so ill take pictures. have a great week and sending hugs and love. 
Sis. Greenburg

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Airport Pic's Oct 18, 2016

She made it!!!!! Plus Operation find maddie was a success! first step find out if she was taking tracks? then find the train. Ty and I stood out side the train with signs for an hour then we found the train we were yelling if anyone see's Sister Greenburg tell her we are here. she found us. we waved through the windward Cameron jumped on the train to help her to the airport. what a good brother. Then he made sure she was through security and saw here dad waiting for his flight.  Priceless day for everyone. plus many people got a call. know waiting for her first email in the Marshall Islands.

She mad