Monday, November 28, 2016

November 27,2016

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

well this week has been crazy busy and we ran out of water. you would think that this would not happen. Guess what it did. so we had to shower and that that the other sisters house. Helped with the Primary program and guess what? they did such a great job on the song that i bought them . went to a funeral with a sweet sister that son was hit by a car. We had Marshall Island style thanksgiving. Mom they had never had pull a-parts. so i made a lot. we had chicken not Turkey but it was a lot of fun. Yes Cameron I had a Mango drink they are really good. we meet two new people this week and went to teach them. they were not very receptive. but we will go back and keep trying.  we have a Baptism this week. So that is something to look forward too.  Going to play capture the flag today and shopping. I'm still struggling with  the language. But I'm working hard on it everyday and praying. If you could also send some prayers that would be helpful. thank you. Thank you for the packages and the letters. I am so busy and sometimes the computers don't work really well. so i do try to write everyone back but like today i have had computer problems. so only got a little while on the computer. but the fun of missionary work. I am loving the Islands and learning new things everyday. the  members are wonderful.  well got to go until next week. oh and next week is transfer week so not sure ill have a lot of time. love maddie

Happy Birthday Grandpa Greenburg

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Big bugs here

Hi everyone sorry I couldn't write.  Was sick last week but I'm feeling better. Having a great time working hard. love you all


November 20,2016

Okay so this week we went out and checked up on a lot of our recent converts and shared spiritual thoughts and then we kept trying to see all of our investigators but two of them never seemed to be home when we tried to stop by oh well we Will try again next week and then the other two we did see them and tried to study with one of them but the other was drunk so we didn't get to study really with that couple. But we should have a baptism next week we pushed nezzy and pity's baptism to next week so that should be good I'm excited my first baptisms. Oh so every set of missionary's has a phone so we can get a hold of each other and I put it in my backpack in the side pocket and I thought it would be fine so we went to K and K a supermarket here and we can't bring our bags into the store so we put them in the spot designated for bags and then once we got done with our shopping the security guard had moved our bags and we didn't think anything of it but I checked for the phone and it was gone so we are pretty sure the security guard took it but he won't admit it so we lost our phone that had Matis SIM card in it but the next day me and Mati went on splits with sis. Nilsson and Faamile it was weird cause I had to pick what we were doing who we were going to talk to etc. but it was good had a really good lesson which I actually thought went really well even though my Marshallese is broken. But after the lesson we went back and one of the elders came to pick up the other sisters and apparently greenburg is really hard to say at least the burg part so people around here have started callin me green bird ugh so frustrating then on Sunday we went to church and it was really fun sacrament meeting was amazing and we got to help out in the primary cause they are getting ready for there primary program so we helped them learn songs in English it was fun and no one new this one song but I did cause the primary kids back home learned it for there program so I'm now teaching that it's the song if you listen with your heart then we went to one of our members houses for dinner it was freakin good like always this member any time she sees the missionaries she makes them stop and feeds them sound like any one you know? ( mom)  But it's good they love the sisters but this week was amazing had a great week aorry no pictures this week it was raining all week and it's hard to hold an umbrella and take pictures at the same time I'll send extras home this next week cause we now have the primary program to help with plus we also have beat practice. Beat is what they do for Christmas here it's a big party they have with food dancing etc so that should be a lot of fun.

love you all 

thank you all for your prayers and love. talk to you next week.