Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 29,2017

So this week has been super slow due to the rain. let me just tell you a little bit about my area. this area is a super poor area. it is like the outer islands. It is a really big area. we ride bikes everywhere and i  did get my drivers license.  the dogs here are crazy mean. but riding a bike makes it a little bit better. because you can ride past them and they can't catch you. But, sence  my companions bike broke we are walking everywhere. (rocks in one hard to throw so that they don't attack us) so funny story. we left a little late Sunday morning to go to church. ok we were thinking about how long it took us to ride there not walk . lol but we walk into  church and our mission president is their. well we had some questions to answer. then we were looking at the church. found some books of old missionaries. they dated back to when they opened the mission. we started to go through them. we found name of families that they have been taught. so we started to contact them or stop over.  One Guy said yes i would love to study with you. so we are off and running in this area. we have found a shake shop in this area. I'm not going to lie. they are really good on a hot day. yes this area feeds us once in a while. so this brings up another story. we were a little late getting home one night due to a bike break down. so the area we live in is gated.  we pull up to the gate everything is dark. and you can't climb the fence because that is rude. so we call the elders and they come pick us up and bring us to the others sisters home for the night. bright and early the next morning the elders come pick us up and bring us home. the gate was open. lol teach us to be late.  now we are trying to talk the elders into fixing the bike.  oh I have tried bread fruit let me tell you how i like it. love it dried, cooked is gross. both my companions and i had a hard time eating it cooked but we chocked it down with coconut water.  In this area i have eaten many different things. that is all i will say about that.  thank you for all the love and prayers being offered on my behalf. also thank you for the packages. they really help when I'm down. like rainy days. also Happy Birthday Grandpa Parker.  Im so heart broken about Sister Jolley. she was the best.  Im so grateful for her example in my life.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Jan 23,2017

Guess what I got transferred. to Laura it is the farthest any sister missionary can go.  we will be getting a car. but until then we will be using a bike.  So guess ii will have to have a Marshall's islands drivers  license. Im in a group of three. we are going to a new area. Sisters haven't been here in 5 years so should be a lot of fun. we do have to wait tell they find us somewhere to live. so we will be hanging out in the church apartment until we move. so Abby told me she docent like to drive. Really abby do you need a come to Jesus moment? that is where i ask someone to hit you with the good book and things become clear. ( glad to see she hasn't lost her sense of humor)  i love you all thank you to everyone who wrote me sent packages at christmas and prayed for me.  I want you to know that has helped me so much. that was a long stretch with out hearing from the ones i love.  Just want to wish a Happy Birthday to Aunt Karen, Brooklyn,Uncle justin,  and Grandpa Parker next week.  sorry so short have to still pack and get a lot done before we move.  please pray that we will have success in this new area and that we will be loved by all.  next week ill hope to have new pictures of the area and of the things we do their. hugs until then


we all did our hair the same

yep going to look good when we take them out

yep we are so creative 

Sister Greenburg

Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 23,2017

Yokwe aloep!

so with the internet being out for  the last couple of week. theres a lot to catch up on so since christmas. I have learned a lot more of the language and my companion is making me take the lead on most of the lessons.  Its been really good for me but still having a hard time understanding. But it is slowly coming.  It helps that the kids love to talk to us. Talking about kids we were teaching this family on how the Bible and Book of  Mormon work. I went to hold up the Bible and hit him in the face. I think the lord need him to have a come to Jesus moment. LOL. I felt so bad. he was really cute about it.  Then after we finished that lesson we went to another lesson. some dogs started barking at us. so we were screaming and woke up our investigators. which you don't do here its really rude. So her husband had to walk us to the road so we were safe.  Then after that we came back to the house to get some lunch. Sister Paku saw a dog and she thought it was cute, So she fed it and it sat at our door the hole day grading it. the next day we went and did service. We picked up rubbish on the street it was exhausting. But, with it.  Because we got feed a lot that day. Plus someone gave us bananas that day also.  So the next day was church. and during sacrament meeting some of the kids pulled nits out of my hair and my companions hair. some of the senior couples had coke. they gave us to wash our hair with and we combed our hair with little combs. what a day. plus we found ants in our clothes.  Lets just say fun times in the mission field. so President had to close some areas due to members not helping the missionaries.  So he will have to work on that before they can open the areas back up. So on p-day we went shopping and came home to a hole in the roof.  Thankful the senior couples came over and find it for us. they think it was kids playing around on the roof of the house.   we have gone out a couple of times and overtime we go someone pays for our meal.  what a blessing. ( i can see my mom doing this and asking for a picture to send to their moms) blessings.  Transfers are coming up this week. Im praying we are staying in this area. we love the people and the area.  we love the area. I just love my companion.  So funny story my Companion told a sister. that she need to study with us. so she sent it up for the next day. we were setting up the area and in walks a member. I said Hi sister what are you doing here? She told me that Sister Paku told her that she needed to study with them. we all started to laugh. That night we went to the Bishops house for a BBQ.  some member thought it would be funny to throw the  missionaries in the water.  not fun at all, :( but, we made light of it and went home for the night.  for new years we were not allowed to celebrate with the members.  so we went to church and we had a lot of in active members come.  then after church we had some sweet kids stop over and give us candy from the night before.  they felt bad we couldn't celebrate with them.  after that we went a tough a 11 year old boy that is getting ready to be baptized and asked him if he had committed any crimes. he said yes. ( we looked shocked) the boy thought we meant yelling at his brother and sister. we all chuckles and explained. if that was a problem. a lot of us would not be on my mission because brothers and sisters fight and yell sometimes.  but out of love.  So this cute girl in one of the wards has a huge crush on Elder Mofa. when ever we bring him to a lesson she want to sit right next to him. when ever we say his name she goes red. so cute.