Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Feb 19,2017

Ok for some reason this week I'm missing Ty.  I went and bought some of his favorite chips and ate them just for him.  Second I keep getting told I'm white any more I'm just as brown as the islanders. which i think is pretty cool.  So there is a bubu that lives on the property with us. She gave us some pork and i might  have gotten food poisoning from it. Not mush fun! then tried somethings called ice plums. its like koolaid with a plum inside. its not too bad.  we also had popcorn with koolaid. yum . But it did turn our finger and mouths bright red. lol the joys of a mission.  so when we were done it had looked like we had eaten someone. hahaha!also this week was Majuro week that was fun it is their way to celebrate valentines day island style. they had a big tournament with games and lots of other things to watch. my favorite was the basketball we knew one of the teams.  we got really into the game. it was really fun.  Then one of the days we were working and it started to rain  so we turned to each other and said its time for a break. so we got some popcorn and a drink.  the next min we were caught in a down poor.  so we rushed home right as we walked in it had looked like we had taken a shower in our clothes.  then after is stopped raining we went to play some basketball with the elders. on our way home we noticed a man a Bubu walking around picking up trash from the following day. we went over and talked with him to see if we could help. we ended up picking up a whole park. I love Majuro and love serving in Laura it is such beautiful area. our investigators are amazing slowly but surly they are slowly but surly wanting to study with us. Broke my camera this week.  it got kind of wet in the storm Sorry mom. just wanted to wish Amber a Happy Birthday and say thank you for the many prayers and letters and love on my behalf.   Transfers are this week so we will see if i get a new area.  love you all talk to you next week.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Feb 5,17

Well this week was not a great week.  First i got my dress stuck in my bike.  It was my favorite dress. so looks like my mom will have to look for another one.  the people in Laura aren't really that open to sister missionaries. So finding people to teach has been hard. But we are still working hard. Then went to the a sweet sisters home in Laura and had lunch.  she made us corn beef and corn rice it was ok but not my favorite. so i ate a little bit of it and then she was like eat more, so she scoops more onto my plate ugh the life of a missionary. Hahahaha.  Had a missionary broadcast meeting at the mission home. then went to the Dr.she had to take off half of my toe nail .  which was no fun and it really hurt. I took it well though. But, if you ask my comps they would say otherwise.  So a motive note we did find a sweet 11 year old to teach. He is amazing little boy.  So here is to a new week and new adventures and praying that things go better. i couldn't have made it though the week without the many prayers and love sent my way. THANK YOU !

sorry no pictures this week. I'll send more soon.