Tuesday, March 28, 2017

march 27, 2017

Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for all the sweet emails this week. I have tried to get back to everyone but due to time i haven't been able to.  But I love you all. her is a little about how my week went. so i learned that people call people my age and kids bubu and bubu is like grandma. so like me i/
've called before  and i'm just like you know what  ever. I'll play along! with this information i decided to just play along.  so like these people have young kids so every time  go overt there house i'm  always like yoke jibe. to there kids which means Hi Grandkids well something like that HAHAHAHA. They all get a kick out of it. so what ever. Also this week we went to a kimono which is a first birthday party those are huge and a lot of fun. so we go thinking oh we can sneak out like before curfew.  But guess what curfew roles around and no! one of the bubu makes us sit up front and center.and that is like for the really important people. so we were like guest of honor. which was really cool. also no baptism this week. But, this week their will be Noring she is the cutest little girl. she is so cute i love her dearly. she is totally ready. she just needed to talk to her parents.  about it a little more. But know she is good to go. next we have thelmina she is getting baptized next wee she is so cute. she is so excited to be baptized. she has many friends in the church and she really knows that the Church is true. I LOVE IT! she said after that when she finishes school she wants to be a Sister Missionary. that is the cutest thing ever. i really touched my heart. so if you are even thinking about going on a mission i say Do it so worth it. My Comp has been out one year so  this week we get to to kwojalence on Saturday with all the Elders and we get to go to a really nice restaurant on Thursday.

Have a prayer request. not saying names but the Lord will know who we are talking about. we have a sweet girl who is the only member and is in need of some extra prayers. thank you so much

sent a lot of pictures this week and if my mom can figure it out she will post some video's also. haha


agin thank you for all the support. the love and prayers really do help the work also for the packages. they brighten our day. a little love from home.  until next week

its starting to get HOT!

love these two 

next missionaries 

we love these kids

look at that smile the gospel has to be true

having fun with the family

so cute

our gifts 

us at the party

p-day fun out of the heat

here is mom's tag picture

the girls that are like family. love lvoe love them

can't tell they love us also

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 21,2017

A very slow week. the Baptism didn't happen this week maybe next. but here are some of the fun we had this week.  Happy Birthday Mom I love you . Thank you for the prayers given on my behalf ad for the letters of love and support. Also thank you for the packages. I love them. please send them to the Ebeye address for now. hugs to you all and thank you Tye, Hadley payton and Mathew, Jimmie and Gabe for the pictures. love them.

Sister Madisen Greenburg
po box 5939
Ebeye MI 96970