Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24,2017

So this week was a very good week we had a lot of lessons and our investigator pool just keeps on growing we picked up 3 new people this week we have Rontok 20's, Hemlynn 24, and Marlynn 13 they are very nice girls all referrals fron the elders got to love it but we just started teaching with them this week and it has been good so far 
Our other investigators are good the group of kids we were teaching we have to push there baptism cause they weren't around last week to teach and they just aren't ready yet and we don't want to rush it. The 3 girls we have tada,meke, im Rena they are good hopefully we can give them dates this week. And then Gloria we are hopping to get her married soon and then baptized this women has such an amazing testimony it's hard to believe she's not a member already. 
So this week I got a little sick which is never fun but like we went out and like after are last appt. it was a dinner appt to we were with all the elders and I was walking back a little bit and like my comp looked at me and was like wow you look really sick I was like thank you but she like called the elders over and they gave me a blessing so it was good that she was there for me. 
We taught school this week to that was interesting it was my first time taking the lead in teaching English but since I'm no longer the newbie I feel like the kids respect me a bit more I like to think that anyway but we made them stand in front of the class this week and introduce themselves in English that was a hard task to get first graders to do but it was cute in there broken English 
So on Saturday one of the wards was doing a big piknik for the ward and for investigators and less actives etc. so we go about 1 and everyone's cooking. Swimming and just having so much fun so when we got there we went to say hi to all our investigators but they were all swimming so we walked down by the ocean and said hi we also threw a girl in hahaha she tried to push us in but we weren't going to let that happen so I grabbed her by the arms my comp grabbed her feet and we threw her in the lagoon hahaha next thing you know all the kids think that looks like fun and they are all wanting to get thrown in. so one thing that is really cool about being here in the Marshall Islands is everyone really knows how to dance and they love it so like you play music they will dance to it so music started playing and all the youth and stuff were dancing and there favorite dance game is freeze dance so me and my comp got to help judge it for a couple rounds hahahaa. 
Then on Sunday we finally got to watch conference I know it's been like a whole month since it's come out but we had to wait for the translation in Marshallese but it was good it was a lot different than watching it at home we all got together in the chapel and watched it. So good to hear the prophets speak but we only got to watch the Saturday sessions this week we have to wait till next Sunday to watch the Sunday sessions cause a lot of people that work around here only have sundays off and we want to make sure everyone can watch it.  But from what I did hear and understand elder hollands talk was by far my favorite so far and hopefully there are more good things to come next Sunday 
It was also one of the stephans girls birthday on Sunday so we went over to wish her a happy birthday and we sat down and then all her friends show up and the elders and we all sing and give little speeches to her and then we eat and just watch some cartoons it was so fun. 
So living in ebeye is sure fun never a dull moment for the sisters always busy running from appt to appt walking the whole island sometimes 2 times a day but it is sure fun you get to connect with everyone and get to know this whole island it's awesome but it's really hot here which leads to sunburns and don't worry my comp has already give. Me a lecture about wearing sunscreen and how we can get skin cancer and so on also we are convinced we are going to get diabetes due to drinking soda all the time and just on how much food we eat hahahaha jokes I'm so kidding 
So today the morning started out like any other and then we just start hearing it down pour rain so we finish our studies get dressed and get ready to leave and walk outside thinking oh it will be cloudy and rainy nope not in ebeye not a cloud insight and it was as hot as can be today like cook an egg on the side walk hot so we turn back around inside and coat ourselves in sunscreen and shades etc and we worked all day in the heat it was exhausting but worth it. Yeah so that was my week love you all and hope y'all are well also cause
 I get this a lot best food I've eaten this week:spam and eggs over white rice
Worst food ever:bwrio it's really stinky breadfruit and it taste so bad I can't even describe how bad it is 
But yeah love you all have a great week thanks for all the love and support also not that I'm counting or anything But there is only 3 weeks till the Skype call home!!!!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited) 

best friends

twins! they are so cute and we love them so much

Monday, April 17, 2017

more pic's

Up close sea turtle  - plus I'm sporting little TYE's  shirt

thank you Aunt Karen for the Backpack!

Easter April 16,2017

so our great  district leader didn't tell us our O'Day ( p-day) got moved  but I guess now he's trying to fix it anyway my week was good it has felt like such a long week cause of transfers but it has been good I have just been taking sister Nilsson around showing her all the investigators and where members live that's been fun really getting to know all the members and such and so Saturday was soooooo much fun we went to an outer island called gugeegu with all the youth holy cow heaps of fun everyone was swimming and just exploring the island it was fun we walked to the end of the island and we got to explore this old abondoned ship wrecked boat it was fun but yeah hopefully we should have a few baptism this upcoming week and this week we got SUBWAY it was the greatest thing of my life it was so good and we got like good American pizza I was so happy and then on Easter we got our cute little Easter baskets and those confetti eggs which were heaps of fun btw we decided to go and share the Easter sport with the elders so we threw the confetti eggs in there house it was fun I don't know if they appreciated it but we had fun. Sharing the Easter spirit and that Sunday night we went to the Stephan's and had a bug Easter dinner it was fun the Stephan's just made Easter feel like Easter cause they treat us all like there family. I think that's all that happened this week sorry I'm boring but apparently they are going to let us email after all so yay we will see love you 

Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week it did help a lot. I am not able write alone this week sorry. so please know I love you all. until next week. 
P.S. Only about a month tell MOTHERS day! super excited. 

Sister Greenburg

Relaxing in the sun

this is for you mom

The Easter Bunny found us! we loved it. so fun - this picture is minus the egg's .