Tuesday, May 30, 2017

June 29,2017

Okay sorry for no update last week I was extremely lazy and didn't want to type something out sorry  πŸ˜ anyway last week was also kind of boring it was a lot of the same stuff teaching finding and working in the hot sun. One thing that did happen last week was transfers were announced and me and my comp are not getting TRANSFERED we get to stay put on ebeye for 6 more weeks YAY happy dance πŸ’ƒ!!!!!
But so this week we got to welcome the two new elders to ebeye elder helgenberger and comp elder apelu. We had to say goodbye to elder turnbow and elder sein who have been on ebeye the longest almost 7 months that's a long time. 
So we were also asked to take the future sister missionaries from ebeye and take them out working for a day that should be fun we had one on Saturday Salima she's going to Oregon on her mission it was fun to take her out and show her how to be a missionary.
Also are baptisms fell through darn it the 3 girls we were teaching decided they wanted to wait a. It before getting baptized we are still hopeful but they just need some more time. Our other investigators are good hopefully 2 get interviewed next week. And hopefully Gloria gets married this next week they said they were let's hope it goes through and then she can get baptized. So we should have a baptism on saturday this girl i have been studing with us for a while so im super excited to get her baptized!!!!!!!
other than that we had family home evenings last night and we had 3 to go to it was a lot we started in ebeye north and ate then we went to ebeye south and ate 2 other times it was so exhausting i was so full and so tried by the end of the night i passed out on my bed i was so full my stomach hurt! but it was good the families are amazing and were happy that the missionaries were there love you all have a great week Thank you everyone for the letters and the prayers they really do help and make my week so special. 

These are some old pic's i couldn't get my camera to upload anything today sorry slow internet. love you all talk to you next week

Maddie (Sister Greenburg)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 14,2017

So this week was a lot of fun!!! Like I said last week elder kenndrick and Anderson got here and having them here sure has been fun so the night they got here we took them to a couple members houses to show them around to them and we ended up staying and eating with one of them and they have a bunch of kids so I ended up playing with them and I guess one of the little girls didn't feel well and she.... yeah I'll let you guess what happened next let's just say it wasn't good and now the elders and my comp laugh at me for that for playing with children 
Wednesday was pretty boring not a whole lot happened just went out and worked that was fun and it was a very hot day to which made the work so much more enjoyable! 
Thursday we had school it was fun cause they were getting ready for international night on Saturday so we really didn't teach much we just watched them practice there dances it was so much fun our class was representing the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ cute huh! They danced to I don't know the real title but it goes like I'm proud to be an American the gummy bear song and another one called your my America and the the Casper slide it was cute and they did one called god is good it was really cute to see they did a lot of the islands 🌴 and other countries they did Kiribati and Africa and Samoan  And Fiji and a few others that I forgot. But it was cute to go and support the kids and see them all dance. 
So also got to eat at the stephans which was delicious they fed us ham and turkey and it was basically thanksgiving it was so good !!!!
And of course the best part of the week was skyping home so much fun to talk to y family I only have one more skye call then in home it's so fast it's unbelievable!!!!!! 
Then after everyone was done skyping we all went out to lunch and celebrated Mother's Day it was very nice and really fun. 
Then on Monday we had a Mother's Day fhe with the wards it was so much fun it was a gaunt ward fhe so we had someone teach a lesson about moms and stuff then all the men left and told us to wait in the chapel then they came to get us and all the men were lined up they gave us a lae and a Marshallese comb it was very nice then we all just went down the line we the sister missionaries shook there hands while everyone was hugging and saying happy Mother's Day to all of us and then we had plates of food to eat so like we got chicken rice hotdogs and a fish head which is always something yummy to eat but like I looked at the fish and mine had teeth like sharp teeth it was pretty funny and we had cake which is always good! 
But Mother's Day wa awesome I'm so glad I got to talk to my mom and my family and I'm greatful for all the moms hear in the Marshall Islands that have adopted me while I am here I love them all. They hold a special place in my heart for cheering me on and helping me along the way! Love you mom thanks for all that you do and all the care packages you send they mean a lot I love you and hope you had a great Mother's Day! 
Also transfers this week hoping to stay put but we will see praying to stay!!!! 
Love you all have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8,2017 Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

This week flew by literally I think it's cause Mother's Day is coming up and im super excited and then the next week is transfers so the month of May is just flying right on by. 
Okay so this week we had 2 elders leave ebeye we had elder uitu and elder McAllister leave super sad to see them leave but the two that are coming are from my intake elder Anderson and elder Kendrick so that should be a lot of fun having them in ebeye. 
This week we were suppose to get Tolawina interviewed for her baptism this week but she just wasn't ready so hopefully this next week and then more of our kids the next. Sadly we have to push Rena tada and meke baptism to the next week cause they won't come to church that's to bad cause they are awesome and really wanting to learn they just won't come to church. 
So this week we got the way at the stake presidents that was fun always good food when you go there 
So we went to the silks one day looking for our investigators but they weren't there but we got invited to stay and eat and watch the kids learn a dance for international night at there school that was a lot of fun seeing them learn it they even tried teaching us that was pretty halarious to see me and my companion learn to dance since both of us have 2 left feet hahahaha.  
But that's about all that happened this week nothing to exciting sorry I'll try to be more exciting this week so I have something cool to share next just know I love you and that I think about you a lot hope y'all had a good week!!!  

please keep the emails and packages coming. i might be transferred back to majuro so please wait until next week to send any packages but I would love to hear from you. please let my mom know if you don't have my email address.

Sister Greenburg