Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 26th 2017 ` Sister Greenburg is moving back to Majuro

Hello all 
Okay so this week was a long week it just felt like time stood still no joke. I think since we are leaving next week that's why so yes transfers are this week and it has been confirmed that me and sister Nilsson are leaving ebeye and no more sisters will be on ebeye for a while super sad but I'm lucky I got to come and work here and met these amazing people. So all we know so far is that we are leaving and we are both training not sure who or where on majuro we will be but that's all we know I should have more info by tomorrow hopefully but if we do get pulled off next week more than likely we will not get a pday so sorry if I don't email next week it just means I'm traveling back to majuro. 
So this week was pretty boring cause like I said time stood still but we did have a few lessons with Marlynn hopefully we can get her baptized this week she was suppose to get baptized last week but her mom said she needed to study more so hopefully we can get her permission this week and we should also have our three girls this week crossing our fingers that we can see them and we are all good to go 
We also had a Father's Day activity this week so much fun to go and help the ward with that and recognize all the great dads and leaders here in ebeye and then of course watching the youth dance that's always fun I think that's my favorite part of the mission everyone here dances and they are really good at it it's just so fun to watch also the food food is always good. 
We also got SUBWAY!!!! YAY it's always nice when the members bring us subway especially this one family who like loads it full of veggies and stuff oh it was so good. 
So we are officially out of drought season and into the wet season and boy oh boy it has been raining here a lot so yesterday we went to church and it started down pouring at like 10 o'clock then when we get through 2 wards we decide to go home and grab lunch so we just decide that the rain wasn't going to let up so we ran home little did we know all the streets were flooded in water up to almost our knees it was nuts so instead of running home we had to walk through gross water super fun but while at home the rain got worse and so did the flooding and we still had one more ward to go to but we couldn't make it back to the church without showing up looking like we had gone swimming so we had to stay inside and wait for the rain to stop. But it never did so we had to walk around the whole island to get to our dinner appt. so we have the lagoo side of the island that was all flooded but the ocean side was fine so we just walked to the other side of the island and tried to stay dry luckily we ran into the elders and they let us barrow there umbrellas super nice of them luckily we made it to all our dinner appt. 
So our dinner appt was at the stephans and everyone lives the stephans so we go we eat chat and just hang out for a minute to dry off and one of there girls Jessira hand me and my comp bracelets they are super cute mine just has the two girls name on it and then my comps says likatu Nilsson they are really cute and super nice of her to give them to us. 
Monday was fun we went out and worked and told people we are leaving next week and then had fhe with the silks I love the silks they are so nice and love missionaries they are just awesome plus they are one of the families that finally gets to go to the temple yay!!! So at family home evening it was fun but in the middle of it the house lost power and it was out till we left super annoying cause we had to dish up food in the dark and eat in the dark so much fun hahahaha it actually was cause we all tried to scare each other hahahaha but the food was good and they had ice cream so good but we were so full by the end. 
Then this morning Nilsson and I hiked to gugeegu so fun and very very pretty!! Also we were on our way back and a taxi driver stopped us and asked if we wanted a ride we said we had no money and he was like it's okay just hop in the back so he gave us a ride back to ebeye super nice it was a blessing cause me and Nilsson were exhausted and really red but it was super fun and that taxi came at the right time it was a blessing 
Also one night I walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth and saw a huge cockroach in my bathroom now this apartment never has any kinds of bugs so you can imagine my surprise when I see one huge cockroach on the wall I jump literally I jump and ran out ugh I told me comp and she's so use to seeing cockroachs she just laughs at me every time but I still think they are nasty and I don't think I could ever get used to them ugh so disgusting but in the end it was a great week. Tank you all for the prayers and letters this week. it really dose help. Also thank you to all the for the love and support which has been given. Im truly one lucky missionary to have such a army of love behind me. 

IM MOVING TO THE MAIN ISLAND  - please send letters to 



You may use a REGULAR STAMP AND IF YOU SEND A PACKAGE PLEASE USE PRIORITY BOXES - IT IS SO MUCH CHEAPER and will make it in the same amount of time

side note - I have been so blessed to have saved on Ebeye the families has shown me unconditional love. Im so grateful for the friendships i have made and the blessings which I have been able to help with on my mission. I hope that i have planed many seeds and that they will continue to grow. I have such a love for the eye families. i'm sure i will be crying all the way to the plane  - I hope and pray i will be able to come back before i go home.  Love you my special families.

Love Sister Greenburg
 her p-days will be back on mondays - plus she will be training a sweet new sister. their will be 5 new sisters so all the sisters on the island will be training. also their will be no p-day for her because she will be making her way back to the island.  But she will be able to check her email - i hope. 
(sorry her English isn't very good. She said she tried not  to write it in Marshallese. lol) 

the start of the rain 

my mom always said to play in the rain - well i did

the long road in life - Thanks Aunt Karen for the backpack

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19th 2017 Happy Fathers day

HAPPY FATHERS DAY LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!So this week has been a lackluster week we have been focusing a lot on finding cause our investigator pool is slowly shrinking cause they are either eternal investigators with no progression or they are on date and we are just waiting for them and there parents to say yes so super fun um so there's this one lady from the kwojalene ward she comes over and does trainings for all the auxiliaries and she asked us to translate so we did and she brought us all sorts of American food from the base like bacon 🥓 I haven't had bacon in 9 months it tasted sooo good plus just a bunch of other little goodies it was fun she's a nice lady 
Um I had to give a talk in church that wasn't fun I'm kidding I just don't like speaking in public so yeah but it wasn't that bad I'll say that I spoke on faith and shared part of the conference talk given last April by Bonnie Chistofferson it's a good talk we had a missionary Sunday cause all the missionaries spoke it was good also 
Also we went to had a dinner for one of the wards we show up we get our food and there was a giant crab 🦀 on my plate I had never eaten a whole crab before but it was good I had to have someone show me how to break the shell and eat it though I also tried squid 🐙 it was very chewy I didn't know what it was when I ate it but then one of the youth leans over to me and asked so did you like the squid and I was like was the thing I just squid and she said yes and I just got the ugh 😑 what did I just eat kind of look on my face and she just laughed at me I've gotten to the point where I literally just eat first ask questions later it's not always a good thing but it's really helpful on a mission cause half the time you have no idea what you are eating 
Other than that so for Father's Day and Mother's Day they kind of make a big night out of it they do like a big ward family home evening then they do a dinner and then there is a whole bunch of dancing and playing it a lot of fun 
But that's about it transfers are coming up in the next week or so. Love you all hope you have a good week 
Love sister greenburg 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 12,2017

Okay so nine months left and then I get to go home!!!! Since there are 3 of us hitting our nine month mark here on ebeye we all decided to take a trip to kwojalene and eat American food best thing ever it's been so long since I've had a hamberger and fries so good I was drooling over my food hahaha any way after we did that we played card games and let me tell you when we start playing things get intense we were all trying to win and one set of elders really needed a comp inventory cause they were both getting "mad" cause one of them kept skipping the other one hahahaha to funny. But it was fun to celebrate nine months of being on the mission time really does fly I thought they were joking when they said make time count in a blink of an eye you'll be home but wow I feel like I just got here
Okay moving on so the next day we were just going through out our day as normal finding teaching and stuff but we had the idea to go back to these 3 girls who we dropped cause they said they needed time to think about getting baptized well we gave them a good week and a half and we just thought oh we need to go see them today so we go and chat and I asked if they have thought about getting baptized and they said they have and that they are ready to get baptized on the 17 so this up coming week so the week we will have 4 baptisms ahhhhh!!🤞🤞🤞🤞😀😀😀😃😃😃😃 so freaking happy that these girls made this  choice and are finally ready I'm so happy for them and cannot wait for these baptism don't worry there will be pictures to come of all 4 girls getting baptized. 
So we were suppose to have a meeting with one of the ward mission leaders at the chapel so we get there right on timer wasn't there so we waited with elders and they all were sitting and I didn't want to go get a chair so I was just leaning up against a wall and there was like a little kid that followed us into the church and he went into a room got a chair for me and then got a chair for himself and sat right next to me it was super cute and then he like told me oh I'll be right back make sure no one sits in my chair to cute. Also one of my cute youth friends her name is Rotha she made me a really nice flower amimono it was very nice of her to do that. And then the power went out in the chapel and it was pitch black it was so fun and so we just decided oh well the meeting is cancelled to bad so luckily the elders had  a flashlight and we left the chapel 
Also it was elder andersons birthday this week so we celebrated his birthday! We made brownies for him and sang to him and then we all went out to dinner it was a lot of fun! We went to the only restaurant on island le bin jie it's good food we all sat down and started chatting after we order when all of a sudden some members come in and we know these members they are super nice they are both RMs and just good people but they paid for our food for us it was super nice and they invited us to there daughters birthday party super nice of them it was a great way to end the night loved it. 
Also so the stephans got there package from my mom which had a lot of candy in it but it also had the game bean boozled hahahaha that was funny cause they wanted to play it with us so we did holy cow there reactions to the bad jelly beans were sooo funny 😂 it was fun to take a break and play with them even though I ended up eating a jelly bean that tasted like dead fish ugh it's so nasty and the taste lingers so ugh made me sick  🤢 
So Saturday one of the wards had a piknik that was super fun so it was suppose to start at 3 so we come around 3:30 cause of things always starting late here well it didn't start till 5  or 6 I have no idea we left at like 6 to go get lessons in and to go to the church and wait for our girl marlynn who was suppose to get interviewed but she never showed up. Oh well hopefully next week she will get interviewed 
So on Sunday it started out as a normal day going to all sacrament meetings and stuff we go to the 3 to ward there's a new white couple there so we start chatting with them they are in the stake callings so she asked for our help translating on kwojalene so she said she will sign us onto the base one of these days how cool is that I'm not excited to translate cause going from English to Marshallese really quickly is hard to make sure it's right and I have never done that before So we will see how this goes but I'm excited I get to go into the military base and who knows maybe get subway or like American pizza  🤤 
Also in ward 2 it was ward conference that was a lot of fun cause one the members made all the bishopric and the missionaries headbands made out of flowers and Laes for the boys and they were so cute loved them it was very nice of them to do that for us 
Also when we were sitting in Sunday school class there was this special needs member in the class and he just fell to the floor and started having a seziure it was super scary to see that happen but luckily we had nurses who were members help take care of him 
So the topic for our class was god where are you and thinking about it god doesn't give us anything we can't handle it may get hard at the time and we might be hating life but in those times we can't be asking where is he we should be thinking of him and that will help us get through that trail
So Monday's are usually prettt busy for us we have like 3 people or more inviting us to fhes so yeah we go from one to another and we are usually full by the end of the night so the night started out by us going to a kimeme a first birthday party here well first it started at 5:30 and it started on time that was a nice change compared to it starting like 4 hours later any way it started and they like start passing out the food and they just give us tons of food like 2 pieces of chicken some kind a ribs then a whole lot of rice sashimi and then curry and breadfruit and taro plus cola and dessert so lots of food that's like a normal plate here it's a lot but after that we went to the stephans and had fhe with them and they had chicken potato salad spaghetti and rice and pizza so lots of food there to we did not go hungry that is for sure I freakin love all the members here they are so nice to the missionaries and always make sure we are fed speaking of which So if any of you judge here for me saying this you are just a horrible person don't judge anyway so it was Sunday here and we usually go home for lunch in between the 3 wards we go to well we run into a member on our way home and she asked if we had eaten and she was like y'all aren't going home until I buy you food so she like told us to pick what we wanted and she bought us food it was super nice of 
here to do that I love it here so much 
Also so everyone here is kind of thinking about school and what they wanted to do with there lives after the mission and a lot of them are thinking oh maybe I want to do nursing so all today my comp and like an elder were asking me questions about programs and how easy it hard it is to get into the program and it was fun to talk to them about all the stuff I knew felt pretty smart 

Sister Greenburg will be transferred  in two weeks due to the Senior couple are doe with their service on the island. We are so sad to see them leave. they are such a wonderful coulee and help our missionaries so much. If you are planning on going on a mission please start your papers these young adults learn so much from you.  Saying that . It takes 12-14 days for her to get a letter or a package. So  if you are going to mail her anything please send it to 


for packages same address but add on the bottom
 Phone 692-247-3370

She loves letters and packages. prayers and always appreciated. 

one of these sweet girls made the head lets for them

a package i sent a member. Utah things

seeing the sunsets. i think she will never want to come home

where she taught 1st grade english

such a cutie

love this  girl

love this girl