Monday, July 24, 2017

July 23,2017 - birthday request

 hello everyone

So sorry about last week. It was a really hard week.  emailing my parents and some sweet letters helped a ton. but this week looks better. i had a great week we found new investigators to teach. Im not loving the bike it it hard work and makes us super tired. so we got stuck in the rain  and got soaking wet. ( yes i do have an umbrella but its hard to hold while riding a bike.) oh the fun of missionary work. I got a flat tire and had to ride home on it. which was on the wrong end of my area so that was not very fun. but thankfully the senior couple fixed it when we got home. (no mom you do not need to send me a tire kit they have everything here. but the senior couple dose such great job and they get blessing for doing it.haha - I look back at it and i think it was to teach me a lesson on my bad attitude for last week. It was my comps birthday this week.  she received cards and a package. so thank  you for making it great for her. we are going to do a party at the ward for her later today.  So this was fun saw the Tibans that i meet in Utah before my mission.  they were the ones that took the picture of me when i went to the Marshallese Branch. That was really fun and they recognized me.  I'm going on splits this week so that will be fun.  I hope everyone has a great week and sending love.

Sister Greenburg

Sister Greenburg's Birthday is coming up. If you would like to flood her with love. she would love a letter or a small package of love.  It take a normal stamp to mail a card or a letter also if you send her a package please use the Priority boxes they are a flat rate - so it won't cost an arm or a leg. lol
things need to go out but July 31st in order to make it in time.  If you don't have time to get a card please stop over and i have extra's.

But if you want to mail her something here is a tip.  If you go to the post office and have to do a custom form all you have to do is put mission supplies. and under $30.00. If you are in Utah go to Harmons they can skip over the custom forms.

Thanks for all of your help and making her Birthday Special!

Sister Madisen Greenburg
PO Box 1107
MH 96960
marshall Islands

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