Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31,2017

okay this week very fun week i started the week by going on a rutine splits with the stls that was fun i went and worked on the other side of the island in an area called rita for the day that was fun we had a lot of lessons i got a new marshallese dress from one of the lessosns it was a lot of fun except the dogs in that area are really mean i had to carry a rock with me all day so to keep them away from us hahahaha. but i got to work with sister nilsson again that was fun. we also had an fhe with the tibans i meet them in utah before my mission and they found out i was going to be in rita for a day so they had us over for dinner we got fed so well i freaking love that family they are amazing.
Then when i got back to arrok we went and did a blitz in laura all day so we were helping the laura sisters find work in there area it was fun. 
This whole week we have done a lot of back and forth in our area so we are extremely tired by the end of the day and being on bikes its not fun cause when you are in a big area and you have a bike seat that hurts really a lot.
Thank you for the many prayers and letters this week it has really helped.

Love sister Greenburg

If anyone is interested in wishing Sister Greenburg a Happy Birthday on Aug 19. she would love to hear from you. it only takes a normal stamp. thanks it dose take about a week and half to two weeks to get to her.  Lets make this Birthday the best she has ever had. thank you for your love and support.

not going to lie but its okay i need the bike so i can get nice and skinny ahahahahaha anyway the bike is good it has made me very humble hahahaa. 
anyway this week was good we were suppose to have an fhe at bishops but he was at school that day so he had to cancel its okay another time but before that me and my companion went to a lesson and they were gone but we still had some time before the so we went out finding and we ran into this family who are decans in the prodastant church and they were nice they lived in utah for 10 years so they are pretty cool to talk to they fed us squid it was very chewy but it was good i guess. but yeah then then the next day we went out working and i decided to stop  at a house and talk to see if they wanted to study and we got screamed at by an old lady and this was my comp getting screamed at i was across the street waiting to cross cause there were cars and i just see this old lady yelling at my comp and my comp looks like a deet stuck in head light she had no idea what was going on then i get up and she starts getting mad and me and i was just like okay im sorry we will leave. some poeple i guess arent ready for the gospel in there lives we didnt even want to teach them we just wanted to talk and work our way into teachign but they saw the name bag and got mad oh well the next day we get flagged down by the son of this older lady and he apolagizes which was nice but i dont htink we will be going back to that house any time soon. 
then yeahthe other sisters in our area had a baptism that started an hour late and that was annoying but it was good and at church on sunday we had 5 investigators come that was so awesome for us cause we have had like 1 or 2 so win for us its awesome this week was good love you all hope you have a good week bye

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