Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 9th,2017

Okay so it's official I have left ebeye super sad I did not want to leave this place and felt like my home and everyone just made me apart of there families so I'm sad to leave my family once again but hopefully I get to come back. This place I have really loved to the people and just everyone around me I'm super greatful for all the people here in ebeye and for everything I have learned here I'm really going to miss it but on to bigger and better things like
TRAINING that's right folks I'm training a new sister she's from kirabati I get a daughter yay!!! We will be working in an area called arrok I have worked in the area next to it lura so we will be working both arrok and lura yay that should be a lot of fun and a lot of work lucky me!!!! I'm ready to buckle down and get to work and make the most out of this transfer cause I already know the area and it should be good but only down side is that I am on a bike again ugh I ruined so many skirts and dresses on my last bike guess I just got to be careful. 
Also before I left ebeye they do this thing for missionaries called kajemoloks they are just a party saying oh we will miss you and thank you for doing such good work here it was great everyone was amazing and super nice I got to get pictures with my family's to always remember them. 
Also so one of my friends was in majuro this last couple months and we just happened to run into each other and go out to lunch it was so fun to see her and catch up and stuff it was good to talk with someone from home glad she was here and I got to see her.
So moved to Arrok it is sure different than ebeye i miss my island and my family. But so far its been god my daughter really wants to learn and work which is very good cause we got to work hard and build up arrok cause the elders that were here before us did jack squat literally they let us with no investigators and a crappy area book ugh white washing sure is hard. but its good we have done a lot of finding getting my daughter used to speaking this languatge shes really good at the language just little by little it will come. 
Church this sunday was interesting i didnt have to spend 10 hours at church kammolol Anij but othere than that church was the same as it is anywhere else 
other than that nothing really new just back on majuro and im training pretty fun stuff. Thank you all for your love and support. the many prayers on my behalf. 
love you have a good week
love sister greenburg

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